Flexibility & Value

Implementation Options

Versatile Hosting Capabilities

efileConnect provides 3 versatile hosting and tenancy delivery options, including single or multi-tenant, in a highly encrypted cloud platform.

Flexibility and value Implementation Options

The Shared Multi-Client Tenant is hosted in an isolated, stand-alone cloud environment by Viewpoint RegTech. Each client can assign multiple users, each with their own specific user authority to control their respective functional and data access.

Individual client access is provided through a unique client-specific sub-domain URL. Data is secured between clients using internal ‘Chinese Walls’ and industry-standard PKI encryption.

Low-level Client Investment

Infrastructure and maintenance costs are the responsibility of Viewpoint RegTech, making this option a very accessible and low cost approach.

Providing a distinct Private environment used only by a single client organisation, with each employee receiving their own individual user account controlling functional and data access.

The Private Single Tenant option may be hosted by Viewpoint RegTech, or independently by the client using their own domain name.

Data security can be defined by the client, utilising the client’s existing Firewall security and the use of Token-based access or PKI encryption.

Hosting Flexibility & Security

A private single instance global solution that provides hosting flexibility andsecurity.

Private Multi-Tenant provides flexible global tenant options for jurisdictional offices, teams, intermediaries, direct clients, FI’s, sponsors, etc.

The client may completely rebrand efileConnect with their own identity and use their own domain.

Clients can have direct access to upload data for filing. Each client is assigned a unique sub-domain (e.g. Client.HostCompany.com).

Data is secured between clients using both internal ‘Chinese Walls’ and industry standard PKI encryption.

Highly Flexible Own Brand Solution

A highly flexible, state of the art, own branded cloud solution with significant third party and direct client access service differentiation advantages.

efileConnect recognises that the duplication of work by re-keying existing data is not only an unnecessary and unwanted demand on resources, it is also prone to error.

Viewpoint Connect can be seamlessly integrated for instant or on-demand data sharing.

Non-Viewpoint solutions can also be readily linked to efileConnect via API and Web Services interfaces.

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