Security & Governance

Security and Governance Complete Data Safety

Complete Data Safety

Your organisation’s complete data safety and secure governance is paramount. efileConnect utilises AES 256-bit encryption on all rest data and messages within your organisation’s efileConnect database.

AES-256 is considered uncrackable, providing secure encrypted access for internal users, intermediaries and clients. One of the most secure encryption methods, it is embedded in most leading encryption algorithms, protocols and technologies.

Hosted Reassurance

Ensuring constant availability, Viewpoint’s multi-tenant hosted efileConnect environment is managed on the globally available and secure Microsoft Azure network.

Data Access

Personal information is highly sensitive. efileConnect provides an innovative user based integrated RBAC (Role Based Access and Control) to tightly control which users can access information.

Additionally, PKI (Private Key Encryption) can be implemented to ensure that data can only be read by authorised users.

User Access

Optional Token-based security provides state of the art industry-leading user access security.

Trusted, Experienced Regulatory Partner

Viewpoint was founded in 1994 and has over 20 years of experience delivering global compliance, regulatory andgovernance solutions. It has always been, and will continue to be, an innovative technology developer who believes closelypartnering with its stakeholders will deliver the latest and best sustainable solutions.

efileConnect recognises that the duplication of work by re-keying existing data is not only an unnecessary and unwanted demand on resources, it is also prone to error.

Viewpoint Connect can be seamlessly integrated for instant or on-demand data sharing.

Non-Viewpoint solutions can also be readily linked to efileConnect via API and Web Services interfaces.

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