Filing Management

End to End Processing

End-to-End Processing

Adopting a ‘Keep It Simple’ approach, each submission follows a 5 step workflow, from data Onboarding to Archiving.


Comprehensive End-to-End Processing

Flexible Data Onboarding

Integrates with Viewpoint Connect

Excel Import

API / Web Services

Manual Entry

The aim is to keep this process as straight forward and efficient as possible.

In addition to direct data entry, there are a range of import options that make the data onboarding process more efficient and also reduce time spent identifying and correcting re-key errors.

Import Options

Direct integration with Viewpoint Entity

Administrator data

API / Web Services

Pre-configured and easy to use Excel

Import worksheets


Identification of Data Omissions

Invalid Format Recognition

Online Editing

Several levels of data validation are incorporated into efileConnect.

  • The initial level is a cross-reference of existing data sets against known reporting authority schemas to identify any missing data.
  • The next level is to assess the correctness of the data e.g. a spelling issue, incorrectly formatted TIN or GIIN etc.
  • The final level is data amendment, rather than have to repeatedly update the data source and re-onboard data. Any identified errors can be efficiently directly updated within efileConnect – with a complete audit trail documenting the changes.


Per Filing User Assignment

Named User 4 Eyes


User Group Assignment Options

To help achieve effective and useful governance, there is a configurable and optional multi-tiered approval functionality.


Easy to Read Draft View

Encryption Enabled

Direct and Indirect Filing Ready

To further minimise the risk of error, the submission process consists of two stages.

As the final submission is in a difficult to read XML or encrypted format, the first stage of the submission is a useful draft submission feature that presents the proposed report in a user friendly easy to read PDF format. This PDF document is viewable, printable and electronically storable.

The second stage of the submission is the generation of the Reporting Authority specific schema, encrypted if needed, in the required XML format with all necessary accompanying files.


Complete Data Audit Trail

Historic Filing Management

Resubmissions and Correction Management

To avoid any incorrect Account Holder data crossover, efileConnect treats each annual submission made by each Reporting FI as an independent submission with no dependency other than the details of the FI.

Each finalised submission is archived and is available in an on screen readable format and in the generated and searchable XML format.

efileConnect recognises that the duplication of work by re-keying existing data is not only an unnecessary and unwanted demand on resources, it is also prone to error.

Viewpoint Connect can be seamlessly integrated for instant or on-demand data sharing.

Non-Viewpoint solutions can also be readily linked to efileConnect via API and Web Services interfaces.

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