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Technology Business Management andRegulatory Planning

efileConnect is a quality and sustainable filing solution,managing the complexity and entire process of any form ofelectronic information filing. As a strategic tool for an organisation’s Technology Business Management andRegulatory Technology plans, efileConnect meets all filing obligations, while negating the significant risk and potential penalties of non or poor compliance.

It is highly scalable; equally suitable for an entire remit of organisation sizes. The multi-tenant hosted architecture can provide a highly cost-effective single-user solution. The same technology can provide a state of the art internally hostedsolution, scalable to a practically unlimited number of internal and external users.

A hybrid solution provides not only a secure online solutioninternally, but also to clients or outsourcing partners as a cost-effective yet potentially significant value-adding and highly differentiating service.

Viewpoint RegTech

Viewpoint focus on developing solutions to cater for specialised needs of practitioners within the niche Entity & Wealth Management industry. Viewpoint Software for Business was formed in the early nineties. It has continuously and organically grown to become the world-leading Entity and Wealth solution of choice for over 15,000 users in more than 80 countries. In recognition of that, though relevant within the Entity Management industry, Regulatory Technology has a much wider audience requiring regulatory technology streamlined solutions.

Providing this streamlining is the role of Viewpoint’s dedicated regulatory technology arm – Viewpoint RegTech creates innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions to assist organisations with their regulatory technology needs.

efileConnect Client Segments

1. RFI’s (Reporting Financial Intermediary)

2. Service Provider’s (providing report preparation and submission services to Financial Intermediaries with an obligation to file)

3. Service Provider’s who want to provide access to an online solution to other service providers and financial intermediaries to assist with submission requirements

efileConnect recognises that the duplication of work by re-keying existing data is not only an unnecessary and unwanted demand on resources, it is also prone to error.

Viewpoint Connect can be seamlessly integrated for instant or on-demand data sharing.

Non-Viewpoint solutions can also be readily linked to efileConnect via API and Web Services interfaces.

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