Hosting & Scalability

Hosting & Scalability

Flexible and Scalable Delivery Options

Depending on each organisation’s needs, efileConnect is a fully scalable cloud solution that can be accessed either via Viewpoint’s secure hosted environment or can be housed behind each organisation’s own firewalls and security.

Hosting Options

In addition to being available as an ‘Independently Hosted Environment’, within a client’s own firewall, Viewpoint offers two further hosted delivery services:

  • Multi-Tenant Hosted Environment
  • Single Tenant Hosted Environment

Both the Multi-Tenant and Single-Tenant Environment options utilise the Microsoft Azure global cloud services to provide the highest world class cloud security available.

Viewpoint Entity Administrator Integration

A world-leading entity management solution, Viewpoint provides comprehensive and sophisticated rule-based management tools. efileConnect offers coherent two-way integration with Viewpoint’s management features. The process of transferring data to efileConnect is seamless, as is the related backward flow of information to Viewpoint to update the filing submission progress.

efileConnect recognises that the duplication of work by re-keying existing data is not only an unnecessary and unwanted demand on resources, it is also prone to error.

Viewpoint Connect can be seamlessly integrated for instant or on-demand data sharing.

Non-Viewpoint solutions can also be readily linked to efileConnect via API and Web Services interfaces.

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